Monday, March 14, 2011

Ava is walking!!

Today I had to run a few errands and Ava went to her grandmother's house (MaMi) for a few hours.  When I got back Muncle Matthias told me that Ava had taken her first steps to him!!!!  He was excited that one day he will be able to tell Ava that her first steps were to get to him!  I wanted to see so we all knelt on the floor and sure enough she took about 1 1/2 more steps to get to her MaMi!  I was holding back tears as my little baby concentrated so hard to move those chubby little legs.  It was so cute.  I can't believe how fast all this is going by! 
When Gabriel got home we tried to convince her to do it again and again.  When I would try to record her she became less interested in walking and more interested in the fastest way to the camera, crawling.  So when bath time rolled around (she LOVES bath time) we convinced her to take a couple of little steps to the tub.  I have a short video below.  If you watch the video turn it down because I, for some odd reason, am VERY loud!  Hope you all enjoy!
My apologies for the sideways video!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent Day 2

I wanted to share with you a couple of things today.  I decided to say the rosary everyday during Lent.  For a couple reasons.  a.  because I don't normally do it b.  because I really wanted to know how  c. because my soul really needs it and finally  d. because I feel this will bring me closer to where/who I would like to be.  I have many books that teach you how to say the rosary and they have been helpful but it can get a little confusing when you get to the mysteries (for me anyway).  So, I turned to Google and I found an amazing website that I plan on sharing in our next RCIA class and, of course, with you! 

This site is perfect for those just learning how to say the rosary.  There is a video with peaceful beautiful pictures that scroll by as someone guides you and says the rosary with you.  You can choose to say the rosary individually or worldwide.  At any given point, if you choose the worldwide option, there can be 100's of people saying the rosary with you, all from your home computer!!  There is a screenshot below that I took a few moments ago and you can also see where it highlights in green where you are on your beads.  I am truly excited about this!!  You should give it a try, it doesn't take very long and leaves you a little bit more at peace each time you do it!  I hope I can continue this even after Lent is over.  I really think this is going to be a great help!

Here is the link to the website and the screenshot I took.  If you try it please let me know what you think of it!  Hope that everyone has a wonderful day!