Thursday, February 10, 2011

OK, so I am not a very good blogger. It's been since October since my last post! I am going to really try to get better at this. Since October I have started doing photography on the side. Although I am not the best photographer it's still lots of fun for me. You can see what I have been up to here at It's been educational for me too. The more pictures I take the more I learn! I have my first infant portrait session next week and couldn't be more excited. I have so many ideas built up for this little guy that I am going to have to take a list with me to be sure I don't miss anything. I am also a little nervous. I always get worried that they won't like them. I realize that I have different tastes and sometimes they aren't the same tastes as others. I just want them to be happy with the pictures I take.
We also just moved into our new home this past weekend. We are going to be SO happy here. We have a ton more room and we are just far enough out of town to make the 3 of us happy. We even have a fireplace!!!! Which we hope that we won't be using it for too long because we are super ready for spring to pop up!
I will promise that I will try my very best to post as much as possible. For two reasons really. One, for myself because I think blogging can be a bit therapeutic in ways, I read my sister-in-laws blog everyday because it always gives me so much inspiration for my day! She is really uplifting. And two, for you all who follow this blog. Again, my apologies for not posting in so long!

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  1. Looks great Shannon! Yes, blogging can be very therapeutic. I love it when you post photos as you take such nice ones (esp. of Ava! :)
    I'm so glad you enjoy my blog, thank you sooooo much for reading it and commenting.